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The 7 Step Buying Process

1. Pre-Qualify / Loan Approval

  • You, The Buyer needs to get credit approval to know how much home you can afford.

  • Sellers will not look at an offer without a letter from a lender.

2. Look for your Home

  • You, The Buyer receives an automatic available home list after our initial buyer’s meeting.

  • Visit the homes you prefer, imagine moving to your new home, and discuss possible offers.

3. Make an Offer

  • Discuss and prepare offers on the homes you have qualified.

  • Not all offers are accepted and this step can take anywhere from 5 -90 days.

4. Accepted Offer

  • After the offer is accepted, the contract is now MUTUAL.

  • Earnest money is wired/ or dropped off within 3 business days.

5. Inspection

  • It is always a good idea to inspect a home to find out any major issues.

  • If there are any items that need to be repaired, I will negotiate and represent your best interest.

6. Appraisal

  • The home needs to be appraised for the bank to execute the loan.

  • If the home does not appraise at its value, I will negotiate the price on your behalf.

7. Close on Home!

  • From the time the offer is accepted and Closing on your home; it takes about 30-35 days.

  • I deliver your keys and WELCOME YOU in to your New Home!

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