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Thanks for visiting my site, My name is Santi I am an Army Veteran. Finance & Real Estate are my passion


I served in the Marines and Army for 20 years. Everyday I challenge myself to give back to the community and the surrounding areas. I love helping home owners sell their properties or buying their home. I am here to help your new transition.

One of my favorite things about real estate is meeting new people. I have helped Soldiers transition, PCS, and move to their new military base. We have plenty of bases and lots of hidden gems in the areas.  My buyers are mostly military. I am an expert of VA benefits and the VA loan. Moving to a new location can be very complex and overwhelming, but it can be satisfying and a rewarding experience with someone you can trust and helps you along the way.

My expansive network enables me to open doors for my clients on all sides of the property equation. I make it a point to be involved and stay involved throughout all stages of the real estate process. I’ll guide you every step of the way, whether you are looking to buy, or sell.


What you can expect from me is Honesty, Loyalty, and Reliability in all aspects. I am available Days, Nights, Weekends- there is no day off, because helping friends is my 24 Hour duty.


Text or Call me today, Santi (703) 206-8224 

** Hablo Español **

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