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5 Best Places to live near Joint Base Andrews

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Joint Base Andrews is located in Clinton, Maryland. 5 great areas to live in near Joint Base Andrews also known as Andrews Air Force Base. Joint Base Andrews has 2 gates available and access to their Soldiers and Airmen at all times. Cities near DC can be dangerous and not visually appealing, so I thought it would be important to give you this valuable information. There a lot of options ranging in price and location. Here are five cities surrounding the area and my top five; all of these cities offer new development in 2023 and newly built homes. New Construction homes are ranging from $550,000 (thousand) to about $900,000.

Waldorf, Maryland : Close to Joint Base Andrews within 20 minutes of driving distance. Home of Waldorf Town Center Mall, and the Blue Crabs baseball team. Conveniently located to small and large businesses. I would range the homes in these neighborhoods in the $400k - $600k range. Most of the areas and communities have HOA's.

White Plains, Maryland: Is South of Waldorf and North of La Plata about 30 minutes from Joint Base Andrews and 40 minutes from National Harbor. Most of the houses in White Plains are newly built or surrounded by new development. It has easy access to Crain Highway and the park and drive public transportation parking lots to DC. Homes in White Plains are in the $600's to $800's range. A townhome is between $400-$500 thousands.

La Plata: 5 minutes South of White Plains is a little bit different from the other locations and I get that country feel from La Plata not found in the other places in the area. Think of that country diner back in the days. La Plata has several government offices, and home to Port Tobacco Museum, and the La Plata Farmers Market. Home to the college of Southern Maryland. Homes in La Plata are colonial style with front porches. DR. Horton is a builder in the Pinegrove community price ranges from $400 - $500 thousands. I would consider La Plata as very affordable and diversified city.

Oxon Hill: Is very diversified in price, and culture. One of my favorite things to say about Oxon Hill is that it is near the National Harbor and Tanger Outlets. Homes closer to the harbor can be prices near the $900,000 thousands. Newly built townhomes in this area start off in the $700's. Oxon Hill with easy access to the major highways and close to the city, and Joint Base Andrews it is considered a very attractive place to live for military.

Clinton: Clinton is the closest city to Joint Base Andrews, it takes about 10 minutes anywhere in Clinton to the base. I would not recommend getting any homes very close to the base because it looks a bit neglected. If you like to get your exercise in check out the Canal Towpath, it is a very long trail path to say the least. Clinton carries a lot of history and diversified food and restaurants.

Clinton is very affordable with a median price of $400,000 I would say is in the low end of my 5 locations, but it has some hidden gems to buy a house. Make sure you contact me if you have any questions from the area.


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