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Many Reasons why selling on your own will LOOSE MONEY: For Sale By Owner_ Mistakes 101

Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of people search a home online. As a Real Estate licensed and professional my job is to get the most bang for your buck! and sell your home in the shortest time possible. This requires extensive study in the area you live in and an aggressive marketing plan.

"The market is HOT, and the prices keep soaring," they say... Are those your friends saying that ?

Are those friends selling their home too? Do not be tempted to think you will be able to sell at a high price and not have to deal with any obstacles. Main Obstacles a FSBO has to experience, hassle and negotiation with other buyers and other agents. The appraiser will probably appraise your house at a lower price that you were offered and you might have to sell for less. As an experience agent, I would justify your price with a thorough market analysis and price comparison.

I can make a thorough market opinion on the value of your home, with no obligation. Lets make an appointment to talk more on how I can help.

LEGAL ISSUES: Washington Administrative Code aka WAC and the real estate law book is extensive and at times open to interpretation. If you have not practiced law, or licensed to sell real-estate you might not have the proper language of real estate contracts to protect you from a possible lawsuit. Lawsuits have surrounded recent disclosures and failed to disclosed events. Do you want to risk your bottom line profit or home worth to save $3,000 or $5,000?

You might think you are saving money, but in reality buyers are going to try to discount the price of your property as well. The APPRAISER knows you are saving commission and CANNOT JUSTIFY the same price as homes that recently sold. The buyer knows you are saving commission as well and also wants part of that discount. Lastly the other agent knows you might not be as skilled or experienced in selling and is looking for the best interest of the buyer.


A comparative market analysis is done for you, at no cost and no obligation.

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