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Is it a buyers market or seller market?

1st PART: We are going to knock out the first part now! – I would recommend to buy now if you can get an interest rate of 6% or below. I have partnered with the best lenders in the local area to get my clients the best rate possible. Let me CAPITALIZE and highlight this important fact: NO HIDDEN FEES with your mortgage rate. Here is the link to my lender or you can always call/text me anytime:

2ND PART: Is it a seller's market. Short answer NO, not reall but we are getting multiple offers on some house contracts. We just do not know what the future holds. You might still want sell or plan on moving. My best answer- you guessed it:

So we can find out how if the time is right for you. I incentivize buyers in looking at your home first and beating out the other properties for sale- NO COMPETITION. I will share with you a SECRET formula on building wealth and how I am different than other Realtors. My secret recipe has not been tapped in the local area. Very few Real Estate agents know this little secret.

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