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Hidden Secrets to HELP SELL YOUR HOME

Updated: May 7, 2023

What helps sell your home (ready?) is photography! Well, that is one of the top things that help sell the home. I specialize in the DMV, Northern Virginia Properties, and Southern Maryland. These rules apply everywhere in the nation. So DO NOT WORRY. It falls under MARKETING your home. It also falls under VISUAL APPEAL. I'll give a brief look at the two and give you my top 3 tips in what you should look for in the photography of your home for sale:

When it comes to selling a home, MARKETING AND VISUAL APPEAL are very high on the list of things to do. Your Real Estate Agent takes care of the top two (should).

  1. Marketing your home for sale includes photography, social media ads, and direct marketing.

  2. Visual Appeal of a home sale includes the perception the buyer receives during an open house or visiting the property.

Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the space, and photography can help make that happen. In fact, high-quality photography can make a significant difference in how quickly a home sells and for how much.

  1. A professional photographer knows how to capture the most attractive angles and lighting, highlighting the home's unique qualities. They can also enhance the images through editing software, making the property look even more appealing.

  • I would recommend hire a professional photographer. Your agent would ave their own network.

2. What to look for? In your property photos:

  • Lighting. Pictures should be bright with contrast and definition. They should be vivid with energy. If the picture is not breathtaking, people don't want to go visit the property.

  • Focus. Professionals use a tripod and are focused on the center of the photograph.

If you have a room crowded with picture frames, toys or a closet full of clothes it is going to be less appealing. It might even make the room appear dirty. The trick is to declutter and giving a clean look appearance.

  • Editing. Sometimes a room may be empty. Editing software can help with virtual staging and that really helps the appeal of the property. The future homeowner can visualize themselves owning in the welcoming room. People don't really like to see an empty house.

Overall, photography is a powerful tool for selling a home. It can showcase the best features of a property, create an emotional connection with potential buyers, and help save time and money for both parties.

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