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The Seller has the Advantage

If you are selling your house in any of the following areas near JBLM, Ft. Lewis. You must already know it is financially wiser to buy than to rent. Your property can be under contract in as little as 4 days. This is not unusual. Right now it is a seller's market, but for how long. Time can only tell and the government may shut off the faucet any given time. With interest rates being an all time low, it is obvious home ownership is most beneficial now. Selling is beneficial for many reasons as well. Multiple offers means you have more options to pick from and the best offer for your property. If you are interested in selling and getting the most for your investment the time is right now.

The greatest return on your investment is now, but we do not know when it may come to an end. Rising prices increase the equity you have built in your home. That large equity might be helpful to upgrade your home.

YOU ARE LOOKING TO BUYING, do not be discouraged and stay motivated. The house you are looking for will be waiting for you and the moment is more deserving when your offer is accepted. Contact me today and find out a plan for selling or buying your next home.

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